Why You Should Promote your Hotel with Social Networking?

Study Shows that 98% visitors of the website do not come back or forget your website address. People normally find it difficult to know the answers of their questions about Hotels and if they don’t find the right answer they don’t bother and move to the next website”

The Hotel Industry is thriving on today’s reliance on the internet. Every day lot of people around the world search different websites of hotels to find the suitable, economical and that fulfils their requirements. So it is very Important for Hotel Industry to provide an on-time response to all queries of the website visitors. If your website providing a Live Chat Facility in a Professional way, you can convert your website, visitors, into potential clients.

With social media becoming so important in the everyday lives of consumers there is no doubt that it presents a significant opportunity for hotels to capture the attention of potential guests.

For example the Hilton hotels groups of social media accounts have the following characteristics that make them really unique and engaging:

The Hilton Group of Hotels


The Hilton Instagram page isn’t just another property account – it’s branded as a newsroom. Representing all Hilton properties across the globe, this clever umbrella plays host to company milestone celebrations, glamour shots of properties, and a special kind of human-centric storytelling like we mentioned in the example above.


While there is some overlap with their other Instagram account, Hilton’s Twitter also shares reports on the latest travel industry software, new brand partnerships, and business articles that provide interesting takes on the modern traveler.


With over 120,000 likes, Hilton’s main Facebook page does a great job of going into topics under similar themes that you see on their other accounts, but they go into greater detail on this platform. By sharing longer, unique Facebook videos on these shared topics they bring a cohesive feel to their whole social media package while still honoring the social media marketing strategies that work the best, platform to platform.


Their page has almost 900,000 followers and features history, news, and content that most appeals to their B2B audience as well as business travelers.


Although they post original content less frequently on this platform than others, Hilton does a great job of showcasing commercials that have aired elsewhere along with fresh advertisements like the enticing “Vacation Time” and “The World is Right Here” series.