What is a Club Reciprocity?

One of the most unique benefits associated with being a member in the private club industry is that of reciprocity. When private clubs enter into a reciprocity agreement the respective members have the right to use the facilities and services of a reciprocal club while travelling in the area.

Reciprocal agreements can be made at the local, national, or international level. When planning to exercise their reciprocal usage rights the member must notify management of the receiving club of the time and duration of their travel plans.

Another example of a reciprocal agreement is when a private club is undergoing a major renovation that requires the club to close down over an extended period. In this instance, a reciprocal use agreement is sought so that club members do not experience discontinuation of services while the renovation process is taking place.

However, the entire club does not have to be under renovation for this type of agreement to be put into effect. A reciprocity agreement can also be exercised when club services are only partially under renovation. For instance, in cases where the clubhouse or the golf course is under renovation, a member can share the clubhouse or golf course of a local private club that has entered into such a reciprocal use agreement.