What are Traces and Their Use in Hotel Software?

Definition of Traces in Hotel Software or PMS:

Traces in any Property management system ( PMS ) is used for Inter-departmental communications, Traces can be a request/services given by guest at the time of reservation or during his course of the stay.

The department which receives this request enter these details as Traces in the reservation, so that the department which is supposed to take action on this request can be notified about the same.

The requested service by the guest can be provided without any issues. And also once the service is provided this department will set the status of the traces to ‘Solved’.

If any hotel staff try to access the guest reservation which is having a ‘Un-resolved’ trace then usually the first thing to pop-up is the traces, This also acts as a reminder to the staff so they can take action immediately if required. On top of this, each department can print the traces for any day from the reports section of PMS.

Few examples for traces are:

  • Front office requesting the housekeeping department to place an extra bed in the guest room.
  • Housekeeping entering a trace for Front office to collect the breakage charges while guest checkout.
  • Front office entering a trace for the concierge to arrange for site seeing for the guest on a particular date.
  • Front office entering a trace for themselves for returning the passport to guest at checkout.
  • Reservation entering a trace for Guest Service to provide a traditional welcome on arrival.
  • Reservation entering a trace for finance team to create an AR account number for the guest company.