Tips for handling Linens in the Laundry

Some Tips for Handling Linens in Laundry

Do not over dry permanent-press items: The secret to there”no-iron” linens is to avoid excessive spin cycles and limit the drying time. If Linens are removed from the dryer just slightly damp, but warm and folder immediately, they will continue drying while resting on the shelf overnight.

Allow permanent press to rest: Permanent press linen that is allowed to rest for 24 hours between uses has a longer life than that which is taken immediately from the dryer to a bed.

Do not over dry terry cloth: The Chlorine used to keep their materials white is activated which heat during the drying process and over drying will actually destroy the cotton fibres and shorten the life of the towel.

Setup a Program for Linen recovery: Remove a stained piece immediately for treatment.

Keep an abundance of rags: Make rags available to all workers so that good linen is not ruined by misuses.

Keep Terry folds simple: Since terry cloth items usually are especially folder while being placed in the guest room, laundry workers should not be concerned about perfectly folding each item

Please feel free to add on any other points which you feel is important.