Thyme Jus-Italian style

Au jus is a French culinary term meaning “with juice”. It refers to meat dishes prepared or served together with a light gravy, or broth, made from the fluids secreted by the meat as it is cooked. In French cuisine, cooking au jus is a natural way to enhance the flavour of dishes, mainly chicken, veal, and lamb. Here we have thyme flavoured Jus – Italian style.

Ingredients for 3 Lt

1KgLamb bones
1KgLamb curry cut
0.1KgPeeled garlic
0.01KgBay leaf
1KgTomato pelati
1LitreRedwine local
0.1LitreHoney bee brandy
0.1LitreRefined oil


  • Blanch the bones in cold water and strain
  • Roast the bones in a moderately hot oven until golden brown
  • In a stockpot, heat oil and saute mirepoix (onion, garlic, celery) and lamb curry cut until brown.
  • Flambe with brandy. Add flour and cook. Now add pelati and cook further
  • Add cold water, red wine, bay leaf, thyme and simmer until reduced to a thick consistency
  • Strain the sauce and add the chilled butter and emulsify before serving