Role Play for Handling Bomb Threats in Hotels

Sample Role play for handling Bomb Threats in hotels

Bomb threats are usually received orally on the telephone by the hotel’s telephone operator. It should be handled in the following way.

Telephone operator: “Good evening! Thank you for calling the [Mention hotel name]. How may I help you?”

Caller: “A bomb has been planted in your hotel.”

Telephone operator: “May I know to whom I am speaking?”
(she indicates the other employee to record it )

Caller: “You won’t be able to know it. The bomb planted in your hotel will blast in 4 hours from now. If you want your hotel and the people over there to be safe, you will have to fulfil our demands.”
(The employee should remain observant and calm. He/she is hearing sound bells of church or other familiar noise etc. in the background.He/ She should try listening to the person more and ask questions to keep him connected.)

Telephone operator: “Where is the bomb located?”

Caller: “You and your people will never find out.”

Telephone operator: “What is your reason for planting this bomb?”

Caller: “Because we want our needs to be fulfilled. Do not dare to inform the police because they will also be of no help.”

Telephone Operator: “Where are you calling from?”

Caller: “You will not find this also. Wait for my next call and I will tell you all my demands. You better fulfil them or the results will be disastrous.”

Caller disconnect the calls

Steps to be done after the telephone line is disconnected
  1. After the call gets disconnected, the Front Office Manager should be informed.
  2. All the department heads and General Manager should gather at one place and discuss the matter.
  3. The Police should be informed and they should investigate the threat.
  4. If the telephone operator has heard anything during the call that can be of any help, it should be informed to the police.
  5. All details such as the voice of the person, background noise etc. should be told.
  6. One staff member should guide the police and other teams to the hotel for searching the bomb.
  7. If a suspicious object is found, the hotel should be evacuated and make sure all doors and windows are open.