List of In-Room Entertainment in Hotels | Resort

In-room entertainment systems are facilities provided inside the hotel room for the staying guest. Such facilities can be electronic gadgets like TV, Streaming Devices, Docks etc. or also board games or magazines etc.

Typical in-room entertainment systems in hotels consist of below features:

  1. Wifi
  2. Ipad dock and Ipad
  3. Portable Speaker with Docking and Charging (Wired and wireless)
  4. Radio + Clock
  5. Television (TV) with Satellite Channels
  6. Movie on request on TV
  7. Smart TV
  8. Home theatre System
  9. DVD and Blue Ray Disc on Rent
  10. Paid Entertainment Channel
  11. Online Streaming facilities for series, movies and more on in-room facilities from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV etc.
  12. Apple Tv, Comcast, Fire Stick etc…
  13. Gaming Console Box like Xbox or Playstations
  14. Board games like Chess, Monopoly, Cards etc.
  15. Carrom Boards
  16. Magazines

Other Services Like below mentioned are available in some hotels.

  • Live TV / Time-shift TV / Catch-up TV
  • EPG
  • Video-on-Demand
  • Hotel information
  • On-screen shop
  • Guest self-service (fast check-out)
  • Internet browser, applications

These are available in majority of hotels. However, there are GRE solutions with extended functionality, like Hoteza TV and they can cover many areas of guest experience, property management and hotel operations.