Keeping Up With Hotel Industry News And Trends

It s easy to get out of date in the restaurant industry. New laws, ordinances, and regulations are passed almost daily. In addition, new products and services are introduced each year. Even the best-run restaurants can become obsolete without any forewarning if they fail to keep up with these changes. The result are revenue loss, customer dissatisfaction, and staff turnover. Keeping up with the news will help you avoid these problems as well as provide a competitive advantage in your industry.

A career in the food services industry often means working long hours with little sleep or time for reading. But staying informed of the latest trends and news is critical for building success. Here are some time-saving ways to stay on top of the informational curve. 

  • E-newsletters: E-newsletters like the National Restaurant Association’s Smart Brief are free and open to anyone—you do not have to be a member. Other food services Web sites like Food service central. com also offer free e-newsletters with a free membership. Each day as you check your e-mail you can also take a few minutes to scan the latest news. 
  • Podcasts: The Podcast Grill interviews executives and movers and shakers in the restaurant industry. You can also download the podcasts at iTunes and Once you download them, listen to them on the train, bus, as you walk to work, or during a break. Nation’s Restaurant News and Restaurants and Institutions are among other publications and Web sites that also offer podcasts. ( 
  • RSS feeds: Restaurant News Resource offers the latest industry news, trends, and job openings in a variety of formats. You can subscribe to its RSS feed using Live Bookmarks, download to your PDA, or request the news in a daily e-mail. Read at your convenience.( 
  • Attending relevant conferences and networking events: Connecting with industry friends via social media following your local association on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn reading relevant industry blogs having a general understanding of the news in your own business area

Conclusion: The restaurant industry is dynamic and ever changing. Your business must adapt and respond to these changes or face the consequences. If you are not familiar with the issues that affect your business, it s time to get up-to-date. Keep informed and stay competitive!