Is On-Job Training Best For Hotel Staff?

Is On-Job Training Best for Hotel Staff Because It Is Easy, Fast, and Inexpensive?

Some supervisors who prefer on-job training do so for the wrong reasons. They believe it to be easy, fast, and inexpensive because “All you have to do is allow a trainee to follow along with an experienced staff member who can teach the trainee everything he or she needs to know to do the job.”

This perception of on-job training is incorrect. The need to define training requirements; conduct a position analysis; develop training objectives, training plans, and training lessons; and retain materials in a training handbook is just as important for individualized training as for group training.

Trainees must be prepared for the training, and this involves much more than a tag-along training tactic. On-job training can be easy. The steps involved in its planning and delivery are not complicated. However, the process does take time, and a commitment of financial resources is required to effectively plan and deliver it.