How to Offer Room Service & F&B without a Kitchen

Levi from 2ndKitchen here. I wanted to reach out to the community and share our room service, continental breakfast, and event catering platform for kitchen-less hotels – Room Service by 2ndKitchen 4.

2ndKitchen creates branded, QR-code menus for your rooms – guests can scan these menus and order via a mobile online ordering system. A nearby kitchen receives and prepares the orders – and we use our courier network to get orders to guests in under 30 minutes.

It’s 100% free to use + hotels earn income on each guest order. It’s the perfect solution for hotels re-opening and looking for new guest experiences and amenities that both is cost-conscious and COVID-safe.

This video is a great way to see the product in action.

Feel free to ask questions about our service here, email me at, or[explore our site here 4 and submit a contact form.