How to Grow Hotel Business with Search Engine Marketing

Growing Your Hotel Business With Search Engine Marketing

With over 80% of online consumers turning to search engines to find information, products or services, search engine marketing is a critical part of an online marketing strategy.

Pay Per Click, also known as Paid Search or PPC, is a form of advertising specific to appear on search engines (often referred to on the search engines as “sponsored links”).

Pay Per Click PPC is highly targeted as you only purchase “keywords” associated with your services and products. Plus, you get to define the amount that you want to pay for each lead. With the large and growing number of users searching for products and services on search engines, PPC is also one of the fastest advertising methods to drive business and sales leads to your business.

Benefits Of Pay Per Click PPC

Pay For Performance Advertising: You pay only when a user clicks on your PPC advertisements.

Targeted Marketing: You choose the keywords, the countries and the languages you want to advertise in.

Instantaneous Results: There is a short lead time. You can publish a PPC advertisement the moment you sign up.

Measurable: Set up your key performance indicators (KPI) and measure your PPC advertising results and refine them as you go along. This way, you only pay for keywords that meet your objectives.

Low Set-Up Cost: It is suitable for all budgets as you can start with a few keywords or long-tail keywords if your budget is low .

How To Create An Effective Pay Per Click PPC Strategy and Campaign?
  • Define PPC marketing as part of your marketing portfolio.
  • Clearly define your key performance index (KPI) – define high-level goals and objectives but also go granular in your PPC marketing targets such as number of clicks, conversion rates, number of sales acquired and budget on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
  • Track PPC KPIs versus your PPC targets.
  • Refine PPC campaigns based on your results.
  • To optimise your sales results from PPC, look at the areas that need improvements like keyword set, your creative, your landing page or your budget etc.