Hotel Train The Trainer Workshop Agenda

  1. Introductions…. and describe your best/worst Guest experiences!
  2. Note on flip charts: What skills were used or were missing during experiences?
  3. Based on the above, agree on key “Go the Extra Mile Interaction Techniques”
  4. Highlight the 5 Learning Objectives for the Day
  5. Setting the stage for success conversation
  6. Work is theatre
  7. What is a Guest Experience?
  8. Effective Attitude
  9. Reading the Guests
  10. Sales techniques
  11. Telephone Skills
  12. Public Area Courtesy
  13. Establish the Front Desk (mock-up) physical boundary location,
  14. which will be used for role -playing throughout the day. Post flip chart names on
  15. the wall to identify front desk, reservations, bellperson area, reservations; and
  16. place chairs for beds.
  17. Discuss what comprises attitude
  18. Assess their “aptitude for attitude”
  19. Why is it important?
  20. How does it benefit you?
  21. Four Attitudinal skills:
  22. Personal appearance
  23. Communication
  24. Posture
  25. Verbal
  26. Non-verbal
  27. Pro-action
  28. Teamwork ability
  29. Work habits
  30. How does “ego” play a part?
  31. “Service” is not a dirty word!
  32. Moments of truth/magic/misery
  33. Set the stage for
  34. Role play
  35. Break