Five Star Hotel Menu [Multi Cuisine] – Sample

A European bistro with an Asian touch, provides the perfect twist in the tale, with the ambience of natural light.

Complete with an interactive kitchen and cold stone gelato shows, you can enjoy our stylish cuisine while settling into the cozy comfort of the indoors, imbuing the calming influence of the water body.

Dating back to medieval times, the chef’s table has always been an indulgence of the elite. Royalty would invite their guests to attend dinners in the kitchen and interact with the king’s personal chef, who hand crafted their meals, after knowing their preference and mood.Rediscover the experience by letting our chef’s find out the flavours that please your palate.


Cold selection

Seasonal cut fruit platter Rs.350

Seasonal fresh fruit juices Rs.225

Tender coconut water Rs.225

Butter milk Rs.225
Plain / masala

Lassi Rs.225
Plain / sweet / salted

Yoghurt Rs.225
Plain / fruit flavoured

Selection of cold cuts Rs.575

Selection of cheeses Rs.525

I Cereal bowl selection Rs.275
Corn flakes / wheat flakes / choco flakes /
rice krispies / muesli

Porridge Rs.275

Bircher muesli Rs.275
Select your options
Whole milk / slim milk / soy milk
yellow banana / apples / dates / raisins / almonds / honey

Viennoiseries selection Rs.325
Criossant – plain / whole wheat / fruit danish
vanilla muffin / brioche
Served with butter and preserves

Choice of toast Rs.225
Whole wheat / multi grain / white
Served with butter or preserves

Beans on toast Rs.275

Belgian waffles Rs.325
Served with fruit compote, whipped cream, maple syrup

Pancakes Rs.325
Vanilla / banana / blue berry / choco chip
Served with berry compote, whipped cream and maple syrup

Choice of eggs Rs.325
Boiled – soft / hard
Fried egg – sunny side up / over easy
Omelette – whole / egg white
Scrambled / akuri
Served with choice of bacon, sausage and toast


Steamed rice and lentil cake

Rice or semolina pancake
Plain, masala, rawa or ragi

Thick rice pancake
Plain, onion, tomato or masala

Medu vada
Crispy lentil savoury doughnut

South Indian speciality made with semolina

Authentic South Indian delicacy of rice and lentil
All the above served with sambar and assortment of chutneys

Poori Bhaji
Deep fried Indian bread served with a mild potato curry

Griddled whole wheat bread, served with yoghurt and pickle
Choice of filling potato / cauliflower / radish / cottage cheese


Tuna carpaccio with wasabi oil, tomato and caper Rs.525
sour cream

Classic caesar salad
Romaine lettuce caesar dressing, grissini Rs.425
Grilled prawns Rs.525
Scottish smoked salmon Rs.525
Grilled chicken Rs.525

Nutty arugula salad
Flavoured tomatoes cheese drizzle Rs.425
Mortadella of turkey / chicken Rs.525
Somtam chilled rice noodle

Prawn Rs.525
Chicken Rs.525
Vegetarian Rs.425


Spice dusted grilled prawns Rs.575
Served with carrot and cucumber koshimbiri

Bacon wrapped grouper chunks, paprika mayo Rs.525
Arugula, fennel salad and fries

Chilli hot fish Rs.525
Satay sampler Rs.525
Fish, lamb and chicken

Cocktail green peas samosa Rs.425
Potato and peas samosa with tamarind chutney

Podi idli Rs.425
Mini idlis drenched in a typical Madras spice powder

Sour cream guacamole and jalapeño salsa
Vegetable Rs.425
Chicken Rs.525

Hot n’ cold Asian rolls
Combo of crispy fried spring rolls and Vietnamese rice paper rolls
Vegetable Rs.425
Seafood Rs.525


Creamy Boston seafood chowder Rs.300
Root vegetables and chunks of seafood,
served in a bread bowl

Atukkal pepper soup Rs.300
Essence of lamb trotters and selected spices
served with crispy flaky bread

Lemon grass noodle Rs.300
Seafood / chicken / vegetarian

Lung fung Rs.300
Seafood / chicken / vegetarian

Cherry tomato and fennel Rs.300
Served with fennel shavings on crusty baguette

Sub or wrap

Choice of fillings encased with a sub or maize wrap
Select your sub – plain / whole wheat / multi grain

Non vegetarian Rs.575
Salmon and caper paprika cream cheese
Philly steak
Roast chicken and sautéed mushroom
Turkey mortadella pommery mustard and marinated tomatoes
Choice of satay with burnt onion and peanut butter mayo
Lamb / fish / chicken

Vegetarian Rs.525
Buffalo mozzarella, pesto with plum tomato
Mushroom, jalapeños with sautéed onions
Smoked peppers and squash
Spicy minted potato, crunchy vegetables

Pita bags

Chicken tikka Rs.575
Paneer tikka Rs.525

Club sandwich

Bacon, chicken, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, cucumber Rs.575
Roasted peppers and mushrooms Rs.525
Plain, toasted and grilled sandwiches Rs.525
With choice of filling

Classic burger

Prime steak / crumbed chicken Rs.575
Toasted sesame bun and salad
Cheese / fried egg / bacon
Vegetable pattie Rs.525
Toasted sesame bun, lettuce and tomato

All the above served with crunchy vegetable yoghurt garlic aioli and fries or


Select your pasta – spaghetti / linguine / fettuccine / penne / fusil
whole wheat – penne / spaghetti

Aglio e olio

Chicken or prawn Rs.575
Garlic, olive oil, chilli flakes Rs.525


Sea food – shrimps, squid Rs.575
Spicy tomato sauce Rs.525

Curried n’baked

Pork sausage or chicken Rs.575
Curry baked pasta Rs.525

Ragù alla bolognese

Ground tenderloin with aromatic vegetables Rs.575


Eggplant, onion, squashes, olive oil, tomato cream and parmesan Rs.525

Risotto alla milanese

Saffron infused risotto

Grilled salmon Rs.575
Wild mushroom ragout Rs.525

Kindly ask our associate for more options / toppings.


Misto mare Rs.575
Shrimp, squid, tuna, spring onion, capers, tomatoes
and mozzarella

Rustica Rs.575
Tomato, bell pepper and spicy pepperoni

Forestière Rs.525
Fresh mushrooms, baby corn, broccoli and tofu

Margherita Rs.525
Tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil

Quattro fromaggi Rs.525
Mozzarella, emmental, cheddar and feta cheese

Tex mex jalapeño Rs.525
Pimentos, shredded onion, chilli flakes, garlic,
tex mex seasoning and cheese

Make your own pizza

Non-vegetarian (any two) Rs.625
Barbeque chicken, salami, parma di prosciutto,
anchovies, sea food

Vegetarian (any three) Rs.550
Broccoli, corn kernels, olives, spinach, mushrooms,
spring onion, red onion, bell pepper, artichokes,
cherry tomato, green chilli


Pan fried grouper Rs.625
Tomato, caper and browned shallot glace, mini
moussaka and curled linguine

Fish and chips Rs.625
Panko crumbed / batter fried
Traditional coleslaw

Roasted rack of lamb Rs.1200
Boulangerie potato, haricot verts with rosemary jus

Lemon chicken Rs.625
Truffle risotto with pressed brussel sprout sauce

Pan fried French chèvre polenta Rs.575
Wild mushroom confit and tempura onion

Rotollo of chilli spiced pumpkin and ricotta cheese Rs.575
Served with vegetable nage

Roulade trio-zucchini, aubergine and yellow pepper Rs.575
Kindly informour server in case of allergens


Fresh catch of the day Rs.625
Kindly ask your server for options

Mixed seafood grill Rs.1550
Lobster / fish / scallop / shrimp

Tiger prawns Rs.975

Black angus rib eye 12 Oz Rs.2250

Black angus tenderloin 8 Oz Rs.2250

Domestic tenderloin 8 Oz Rs.625

Lamb cutlets 12 Oz Rs.1200

Free range chicken breast Rs.625

Select your accompaniments
Green bean lyonnaise / roasted vegetable / charred broccoli
Red wine jus / black pepper sauce / béarnaise
Steak fries / potato of the day / potato mash


(1200 hrs noon till 0000 hrs midnight)

Prawn and broccoli with fresh chilli elephant garlic Rs.695

Wok fried chilli hot grouper Rs.625

Sliced steak teriyaki Rs.625

Cantonese sliced lamb Rs.625

Sliced chicken burnt ginger soy Rs.625

Beans sweet peppers and pepper plum sauce Rs.575

Chunky tofu corn and peas in fresh chilli hoisin Rs.575

Pok choi, sprouts and wild musroom garlic soy Rs.575

Thai curry

Green or red Rs.625

Chicken / fish
Served with steamed rice

Rice and noodle

Thai fried rice Rs.275
Non vegetarian

Hakka noodle Rs.275

Non vegetarian

Corn spinach and sweet pepper fried rice Rs.275

All in a bowl

Nasi goreng Rs.625

Seafood rice in oyster sauce Rs.625


Pad see yew Rs.625
Rice noodle, mixed meat, pok choi and crushed peanut


Masala spiced seafood sampler Rs.900
Grilled prawns, fish and squid with home style curry paste

Mangalore prawn curry Rs.695

Fish peri peri Rs.695
Served with balchao kulcha and goan dal

Madras fish curry Rs.625
Slow cooked fish in tamarind and chilli gravy, an authentic
household recipe

Uppu kari Rs.625
Dry roasted tender lamb, a local speciality

Moplah chicken kuruma Rs.625
Delicacy from Northern Kerala with coconut cream,
garam masala and fresh corinader

Paruppu urundai kozhambu Rs.525
Curried lentil dumplings in a tangy gravy

Jackfruit and potato mappas Rs.525
Stewed jackfruit and potato, a Kerala delicacy

Kadalai gassi Rs.525
Whole Bengal gram in a roasted coconut gravy

Paalkatti pattani melagu Rs.525
Pan tossed cottage cheese and green peas with Chettinadu spices

Kaad kumu curry Rs.525
Mushroom cooked in traditional Coorgi curry

*All the above served with choice of steamed rice or malabar paratha or kal dosai


Tanjavore attu biryani Rs.625
Succulent lamb and fragrant rice cooked with Tanjavore spices

Urulai kalan Chettinadu biryani Rs.525
Mélange of potato and mushroom with fragrant rice, a local speciality


Lemon or tamarind rice Rs.275

Malabar paratha Rs.125

String hopper Rs.125

Sambar rice Rs.275

Curd rice Rs.275

Rice and yoghurt tempered with curry leaf and mustard


Chilli garlic grilled prawns Rs.695

Pan roasted chicken, style Balinese or Konkan Rs.695
Rolled cheese n’ chilli omelettes
Served with garlic baguettes

Shrimp and sweet peppers Rs.575

Chicken and sprout Rs.575

Mushroom pepperonata Rs.525

Wrap n’ roll

Chicken Rs.575

Cottage cheese 525

Bondamosa Rs.325
Combination of local style bonda and potato peas samosa

Pav bhaji Rs.325
Traditional Mumbai style pao and bhaji

Dal chawal Rs.425
Option of phulkas

Dosa Rs.325
Rice or semolina pancake
Plain, masala, rawa or ragi

Uttapam Rs.325
Thick rice pancake
Plain, onion, tomato or masala

Steamed idli Rs.325
Steamed rice and lentil cake

All the above served with sambar and assortment of chutneys.


Apple and pear tart with almond custard Rs.325
Served with ice cream

Cardamom crème brûlée Rs.325

Chocolate sampler Rs.325

Tender coconut and white molasses panacotta Rs.325

Anjeer badam halwa Rs.300

Kulfi with mix berry sauce Rs.300

Rasmalai Rs.300

Cold stone ice cream Rs.300

Fresh cut seasonal fruits Rs.350

*Kindly inform our server in case of allergens
*All prices are in Indian rupees, subject to government taxes