Facilities and Service Required for Homestay Gold Classification

Homestays is an important component of the tourism product. And they contribute to the overall tourism experience through the standards of facilities and services offered by them.

Below mentioned list of facilities and service provide the required standards of getting a Gold classification or Gold certification for Homestay or Bed and Breakfast (B&B).

  1. Well maintained and well-equipped house and guest rooms with quality carpets/area/rugs/ tiles or marble flooring, furniture, fittings etc. in keeping with the traditional lifestyle.
  2. Sufficient parking with adequate road width.
  3. Guest rooms: Minimum one lettable room and maximum rooms (12 beds).
  4. All rooms should be clean, airy, pest-free, without dampness and with outside window /ventilation.
  5. Minimum floor area in sq. ft. for each room. Plains 200
  6. Minimum floor area in sq. ft. for each room. Plains Hills 120
  7. Comfortable bed with good quality linen & bedding preferably of Indian design;
  8. Attached private bathroom? with every room along with toiletries.
  9. The minimum size of each bathroom in sq.ft. 40
  10. WC toilet to have a seat and lid, toilet paper.
  11. 24 hours running hot & cold water with proper sewerage connection.
  12. Water-saving taps /shower.
  13. Well maintained smoke-free, clean, hygienic, odour free, pest free kitchen.
  14. Dining area serving fresh Continental and or traditional Indian breakfast.
  15. Good quality cutlery and crockery.
  16. Air-conditioning & heating depending on climatic conditions with room temp. between 20 to 25 degrees Centigrade in the offered room.
  17. Iron with iron board on request.
  18. Internet Connection (Wifi) depending upon internet availability in the area.
  19. 15 amp earthed power socket in the guest room.
  20. Telephone with extension facility in the room.
  21. Wardrobe with at least 4 clothes hangers in the guest room.
  22. Shelves or drawer space in the guest rooms.
  23. Complimentary aqua guard / RO / mineral water.
  24. Good quality chairs, working table and other necessary furniture.
  25. Washing machines / dryers in the house with arrangements for laundry / dry cleaning services.
  26. Refrigerator in the room.
  27. A lounge or seating arrangement in the lobby area.
  28. Heating and cooling to be provided in enclosed public rooms.
  29. Garbage disposal facilities as per Municipal laws.
  30. Energy Saving Lighting (CFL/ LED) in guest rooms and public areas.
  31. Acceptance of cash /cheque / D.D.
  32. Message facilities for guests.
  33. Name, address and telephone number of doctors.
  34. Left luggage facilities.
  35. Assistance with luggage, on request.
  36. Housekeeping facilities in the room.
  37. Smoke /heat detectors in the house.
  38. Security guard facilities.
  39. Fire extinguisher / Firefighting system.
  40. Maintenance of register (physical or electronic format) for guest check-in and check-out records including passport details in case of foreign tourists.