Emergency Procedures For Hotel

The following procedures will be followed whenever any emergency occurs within the hotel.

Definition of Emergency:

Fire, Flood, Explosion, Power Failure, Civil Disturbance, Mass/Food Poisoning, Elevator Break Down, Bomb Threat.

Clarification of Emergency Situation

On notification that an emergency assists 2 security officers equipped with radios will proceed to the area of the reported emergency and assess the situation:

  1. A negative situation exists:
    A full investigation will be carried out in the area of the reported emergency and the duty manager and security manager will be informed. A written report will be made and filed in the Emergency File.
  2. A positive situation exists:
    The investigating officer will use the walkie talkies to announce to walkie talkie carriers that an emergency exists.

Investigating officers will attempt to hand to handle the emergency until help arrives.

Radio / walkie talkie carriers

One being informed that an emergency exists all radio / walkie talkie carriers will proceed to the Emergency Command Post.

Emergency Command Post:

Located in the Security Office. If not operational the office will be opened by the first person who arrives by removing the key from the break glass box. Lights will be turned on The first senior member of staff who arrives at the command post will assume the position of Command Post Officer.

Command Post Officer:

The Command Post Post’s duty is to provide assistance to the emergency team, maintain an accurate record of the proceedings during the emergency, to maintain a liaison with FCC, emergency team leader (Red Coat) and other departments within the hotel.

The Command Post Officer will open the emergency cupboard and prepare equipment for the Red Coat.

He / She will follow the format of the emergency check list as provided.

The Second most senior manager or the Emergency TEAM Leader will assume the position of Red Coat.

Red Coat

The Duty of the Red Coat will be to ensure that the emergency teams proceed to the scene of the emergency and directs the emergency team at the scene of the emergency. he will maintain continual radio contact with the Command Post Officers, he will update, liaise, and assist emergency services when they arrive at the scene.

Will put on the Red Coat collect at RADIO, TORCH, and a LOUD HAILER UNIT. He will confirm with the investigating officers the exact position of the emergency and the extent of the emergency.

The red coat has the authority to instruct the command post officer to either partially or fully evaculate the hotel.

If the GM or DGM is not available to make that decision or if the emergency situation is such that an immediate decision has to be made.

Walkie Talkie Carriers

Walkie talkie carriers are the emergency action team members as defined When they are notified of an emergency they will proceed immediately to the command post.

The first most senior person will become the command post officer.
The most senior person will become the Red Coat.
Seniority will be as defined in the Gloria Hotels policy

Note: All the above personnel will take/undertake to follow the instructions orders decisions as made by the Red Coat, unless the General Manager or his appointed

Deputy Countermands the order, and assumes the position of Red Coat.


Command Post Officer

  • Opens emergency cupboard and provides Red Coat with – redcoat – helmet, radio, loud hailer, torch.
  • Opens the emergency log book – (may instruct a subordinate to do so).
  • Allocates staff, radios and equipment as per check list to emergency team.
  • Instructs PABX to “Call In” designated staff.
  • Alerts Front Office to print guest register and handicap person register.
  • Issues emergency equipment and first aid equipment as required.
  • Liaises continuously with Red Coat and Fire Control Center – record in log book.
  • Acts upon all Red Coat instruction ensuring they are recorded in the log book.
  • Briefs GM, DGM and Communications Manager
  • Briefs and allocates staff to meet emergency services and guide to scene.
  • Prepares for arrival of emergency services.
  • Alerts: Concierge, Housekeeping, PABX, F&B other operating department..
  • Assembles floor plans of the emergency area for use by the emergency services.

Doctor / Nurse

  • On notification of an emergency:
  • Will proceed to Command Post with adequate emergency first aid equipment.
  • Will await instructions from Command Post Officer.
  • If evacuation is imminent will ensure that adequate supplies of blankets are brought to the evacuation assembly area as well as the first aid equipment.
  • Will treat minor injuries as required.
  • Will recommend hospitalization.
  • Of the situation is serious and it is apparent that we will need to hospitalize people make contact with hotel hospital. HR to provide names of hospitals and arrange with hospital to standby for the emergency.

Red Coat

  • To assume control of the emergency scene.
  • To direct hotel emergency team members at the scene.
  • To evaluate the situation at the emergency and report back to the Command Post Officer on a continuous basis.
  • To instruct the command post officer to:
    supply manpower
    supply equipment
    order emergency services
    order the evacuation or partial evacuation

General Manager

During an emergency the GM should not become directly individual in the emergency with the exception of Civil Disorder / Riot (which can be prolonged) and a bomb threat.

Specific duties of GM or his appointed deputy are:

  • Set up a crisis center refer crisis manual.
  • To ensure the preservation of life.
  • Liaise with guests.
  • Assist in the preparation of press releases and to brief press if necessary.
  • To liaise with Vice Presidents Operation/ President and Owners.
  • To ensure that the injured guests are provided with adequate medical care.To communicate with next of kin in the advent of death.
  • To liaise with Government / Provincial Administrators.
  • To liaise with neighbors hotels.
  • Communications Manager
  • During on emergency the role of the Communications Manager will be to:
  • Keep continually updated on the events
  • Prepare press release / statement
  • Assist the General Manager
  • Keep the telephone operators and receptionists well briefed and ensure that telephone operators have a prepared “text” to keep guest informed.
  • To assist the General Manager to liaise with Government / Provincial Administrator.
  • Brief to other department heads.
  • Only the red coat or general manager may authorize an evacuation.
  • All guests/staff/patrons within the hotel will be notified of the need to evacuate the Hotel via the Fire Control Center public address system.
  • Remember these simple points and help reduce a panic reaction:
  • Remain Calm
  • Ensure the elderly, or handicapped are provided for.
  • Ensure that essential records, cash are secured.
  • Ensure that orderly shutdown procedures are effected.
  • Ensure women remove high heeled shoes.
  • Ensure evacuation takes place via fire escapes.
  • Always evacuate down the fire escapes. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
  • Close doors and windows if evacuation is the result of fire.
  • Proceed to the assembly point (walk don’t run).
  • Do assist if asked to do so.
  • Don’t try to be a hero.
  • Do as you are told by emergency officials.

Your own safety and well-being depends on your participation, reaction and co-optation
e Red Coat will assess the seriousness of an emergency situation and he/she will decide on what action is to be taken in consultation with senior management.


Evacuation of Guest Floors

Stage 1
A. The floor on which the fire is located.

B. Two (2) floors above the fire.

C. Floor immediately below the fire.

Stage 2
A. All floors above the fire.

B. All floors below the fire.

Food and Beverage outlets, Function Rooms, Health Club

Stage 1
A. The floor on which the fire is located.

B. Tow (2) floors above fire.

C. 2 floor immediately below the fire.

Stage 2
As for guest floors

  1. The immediate area around the flood.

The entire floor area on which the bomb has been found and the entire floor area above and below the area.

Clear outside areas which maybe showered by glass.


Evacuate the areas which have been impacted (damaged) by the explosion.

  1. This announcement will be broadcast only from Fire Control Center by overriding the normal public address system.
  2. Evacuation Assembly Car Park To West of Main Entrance

For Guests

Stair case: from LXX to L1, and then to the street.

For Restaurant

Stair case: from LXX to LXX, and then through to street.

For Staff from Basement 1

Stair case: from LXX to LX, and then through the XXX to street.


A. The Human Resources Manager will be the Assembly Ground Controller.

B. Room Division Manager /front Office Manager Will bring the guest registration out to the assembly point.

During the evacuation, he should appoint his subordinates to in-charge the main lobby and guide the guest to the assembly area. he have responsibility for the guest

head count, and then report to the Assembly Controller (the names of guests present and missing).

C. All department heads should submit their staff duty list to Assembly Area Controller.

D. Security Officers should assist the assembly ground controller in controlling the crowd.

E. Doctor and nurse – will be responsible for administrating First Aid.

1.Fire Escape Stair Case or Fire Lift

The service lift # XX is the fireman’s lift. It can be operated with the Emergency Supply from power generator.

2.Fire Control Center (FCC) Its main functions are:

  • To receive the fire alarm signal either by mean of manually or automatic activated.
  • To monitor the functions of fire protection system such as sprinkler / hydrant pump and fire shutter which may need to be operated manually.
  • To broadcast evacuation announcement when instructed to do so by the Command Post Office or General Manager.

3.Fire Extinguishers They are positioned in designated areas as requirement by the fire regulations

1) Dry chemical fire extinguisher

suitable for oil, fat, grease, petrol and chemical fires

2) CO2 fire extinguisher

suited for electrical fires and all other fires.

3) H2O fire extinguisher

Water suitable for wood – curtains, mattresses, carpeting


Command Post Officer

  • Ensure that a radio carrying member of staff is posted to operate the fire emergency lifts – fireman lift # XX
  • Ensures that emergency equipment is dispatched to the fire scene.
  • Maintains contact with key radio carriers and telephone department.
  • Ensure that all emergency procedures are carried out.
  • Follow all procedures as specified in the emergency procedures file.
  • Instructs all radio carriers to maintain good communication.

Executive Housekeeper / Senior Management Housekeeping

On receiving the “Evacuation” message:

A. Arrange room attendants to knock at all guest rooms.

B. Inform guests to evacuate and not to carry bulky belongings.

C. Direct all people to leave via staircase exits.

D. Mark the doors that have been evacuated with an “X” by using chalk.


F. All staff will leave after all guests have evacuated to assembly point.

G. Make a roll call on Housekeeping staff and report the result to Human Resources Department.

H. After evacuation, account for the number of guests and verify with Front Office Manager.

Front Office Manager / Senior Management Front Office

On receiving the “Evacuation” message

A. Assign staff to all staircase exits to direct all guests to assembly point.

B. Carry the in-house guest’s list and registration forms before leaving for evacuation assembly point.

C. Have an “in-house guest report” printed and ready in hand for roll call.

D. Lead staff to assembly point.

E. Make a roll call of Front Office staff after evacuation and report the result to Human Resources Department.

F,.After evacuation, assist Housekeeping staff in accounting for the number guests from room floors.

Food and Beverage Management

A. On receiving the “Evacuation” message

B. Instruct Executive Chef to assign staff to switch off electrical appliances and gas equipment wherever possible and close the doors behind.

C. Instruct staff to assist guests to leave via staircase exits.

D. All staff will leave after the guests have evacuated to assembly point.

E. Make a roll car on all F&B staff and report the result to Human Resources Department.

F. Employees will assist Hotel in providing service to our guests – and if necessary and with consultation with Hotel Management meals for staff and guests.
Banquet Duty Manager

When there are no guests:

A. On receiving the message on “Evacuation”:-

B. Gather all on-duty staff and notify them to evacuation immediately.

C. Inform the F&B Manager, Command Post Officer that evacuation is underway.

D. Lock up all function rooms, ballroom and storeroom before leaving.

E. Report to assembly point.

When there are guests:

A. Inform Kitchen and Beverage to suspend the meal service.

B. Assemble all the on-duty staff.

C. Notify organizer that an evacuation is required and calm the guests down.

D. Divide the on-duty staff into two groups, one group will escort the guests to assembly point by use of the emergency exit. The remaining group will double check all rooms and ballroom.

E. Lock the door of the ballroom, all function rooms and store room. Inform F&B Manager / Command Post Officer that all guest have been evacuated and staff evacuation is underway.

Financial Controller

On receiving “Evacuation” message:-

A. Instruct Accounts receivable clerks to take along all credit card vouchers and cheque not yet deposited into bank.

B. Instruct Front Office Cashier Supervisor to take along all guest registration cards to the assembly point.

C. All F&B and Front Office Cashiers shall turn off the cash registers and secure cash and cheques and enclose them in an envelope and bring along to the assembly point.

D. Chief Cashier shall lock up all money in the safe.

E. Secure all money, valuables and confidential records in the safe.

F. EDP Manager to bring along the computer diskettes and ensure the computer room is properly locked before evacuating.

G. Lead the staff to evacuate to the assembly point.

H. Make a roll call on accounting staff and report the result to Human Resources Department.

Communications Manager

On evacuation:-

A. Brief your staff to report to assemble point.

B. Proceed to Command Post to collect information for General Manager.

C. Prepare additional statements for the press.

D. Prepare a off site crisis center – refer to crisis communication manual.

Conduct an initial press briefing if the situation warrants. Venue to be away from scene of emergency.