Covid 19 – Safety Tips for Hotels

While entering the hotel entrance:-
  • Temperature checks at entrance should be mandatory
  • Guests running a temperature of more than 98.6° F should be politely asked to return or directed to the closest hospital/medical facility
  • Disinfect and clean Guest luggage after informing the Guests
  • Provide a mask if Guest is not wearing one, if required
At Reception:-
  • If the Guest is arriving from restricted countries or regions, ensure that you have detailed information from the Guest upfront before arrival or at time of making the reservation
  • For all pre-booked Guests all check-in formalities should be completed online to reduce contact and time at the front desk
  • Give safety, hygiene and other instructions to the Guests as per the new SOP
  • Ensure markings on the floor at reception to maintain Social Distancing
  • Ensure Associates are wearing masks & gloves
  • Keep paper, envelopes and all equipment sanitized
In the elevator:-
  • Ensure that safety instructions, including the number of Guests allowed at one time, is placed inside the elevator and is easily visible; apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused to the Guests due to the new safety norms
  • Elevator floor must have markings with directions, so that Guests do not face each other and maintain the appropriate Social Distance
  • Ensure elevator floor buttons are regularly sanitized by the Housekeeping Associates
  • Keep floor 8 other area of the elevators that can be touched sanitized
  • Install hand sanitizer dispensers in the elevators
In the room:-
  • Signage with information on sanitation norms should be placed
  • Due to Social Distancing norms, allocate alternate rooms or leave two rooms vacant in between, based on occupancy levels
  • Guests instructions given at the reception should include instructions on how the rooms are sanitized at regular intervals
  • May need a tent card or post to say the room 8 other touch points have been sanitized
  • Ensure Housekeeping Associates on the floor are wearing safety gear
  • Room linen to be changed once in two days or ONLY on request; no turn down services to facilitate minimal contact
If Meeting space required:-
  • In case Guests require a meeting area, keep enough space between tables & chairs
  • Limit the number of Guests in the area based on maximum allowed
  • Disinfect each desk, equipment and work area after the Guest has moved out
At Restaurant:-
  • Reduce number of tables to maintain Social Distancing norms – –
  • Seating for the tables to be reduced to half of capacity
  • Arrival instructions should explain to Guests that they should come down to the restaurants only when a table is available to avoid crowding
  • You may wish to avoid buffets initially and include either Table d Hote or a la carte
  • Staff must be trained for minimal contact/ communication during service
  • Ensure Associates are wearing masks & gloves
  • Keep swabs which Guests can use with sanitizes to clean their phone or credit cards
During Check out:-
  • Create a separate check-out area if you think it’s getting over-crowded and wherever possible use e-check out by emailing the bill and accepting online payments
  • Advise the Guests to inform their check-out plans in advance so that bills can be made ready
  • Express check out most successful for now 04 Provide sanitizers and other swabs in case the Guest requires
  • Put floor markers as in case of check-in
Arranging Transport:-
  • Ensure the driver is wearing protective gear such as mask, gloves etc.
  • The car should be disinfected with every arrival
  • Check if the driver section can be segregated with a temporary plastic or a transparent sheet
  • Driver should be instructed to limit conversations to minimal
  • Guest instructions to be placed at the back seat; the information booklet must cover all the steps being taken by the hotel for safety and sanitation along with the operational norms for restaurants, room service, housekeeping & laundry procedures