Coconut Macaroons

Yield: 60 cookies

Egg whites – 1 lb. (about 18)
Sugar – 2 lb.
Unsweetened coconut flakes – 1/2 lb.


  1. In bowl, briefly whisk whites and sugar.
  2. Place bowl over double boiler and whisk constantly until whites reach 100F. Remove from heat; whisk until whites begin to stiffen.
  3. Add coconut; whip until peaks are glossy.
  4. Pipe meringue onto parchment paper in 21/2-in.-diameter circles. Bake at 225F for 2 hours, or until meringues are thoroughly baked and dry.
  5. Remove from oven; cool. Store in tightly covered container up to 3 days.

Nutrition per portion: Calories, 69.3; fat, 0.7g (8.3% calories from fat); Cholesterol, 0; Sodium, 13mg; Protein, 0.9g.