A Guide For Buying Refrigerators – Kitchen | Restaurant | Hotels

Consider these factors when purchasing a refrigerator for your hotel kitchen or restaurants:
  • If you use a lot of sheet pans or steam table pans, consider pan slides in lieu of wire shelves.
  • Universal-style slides will allow you to use either sheet pans or steam table pans.
  • A sheet pan on slides can also serve as a shelf when both are needed.
  • Many reach-in refrigerator manufacturers offer different lengths and widths for the same door configuration.
  • For example, a manufacturer may make a two-door refrigerator in a 48-inch, 52-inch, and 58-inch width.
  • Costs are all very close. If you go with pan slides, then you want the narrowest unit that will fit the slides; anything wider is wasting area in your kitchen.
  • If you will be storing larger items, such as case goods, a larger width may be the better buy.
  • To make the most of your worktable, consider under counter refrigerators.
  • Most can be bought with a worktable top as part of the unit.
  • Garnish pans can be cut into the top for an added means of refrigeration.
  • Finish materials can often add to or reduce the cost of a refrigerator, but they also affect durability.
  • An all stainless steel cabinet is the top of the line for most manufacturers.
  • But if you forgo stainless steel inside the box, you can save about 10 to 15 percent of the overall cost.
  • If you can accept an aluminium finish on the refrigerator exterior except for the doors, an additional 20 percent or more savings is possible.
  • The trade-offs are that aluminium is a soft metal and may be dented more easily than stainless.
  • Cool-down, rapid-chill, and blast chillers are becoming popular because health departments are more sensitive to proper food-handling procedures and storage temperatures.
  • Any of these rapid cooling refrigerators will help to cool foods quicker than a standard refrigerator and reduce chances of food-borne illness.