5 Rules For Food Safety In Hotel Kitchen

Five Keys to Food Safety

1.Keep clean

✓ Wash hands properly before handling food and often during food preparation.
✓ Wash hands properly after going to the toilet.
✓ Cover the wounds or cuts on hands or arms properly with waterproof plasters.
✓ Wash and clean all surfaces, utensils and equipment used for food preparation.
✓ Protect kitchen areas and food from insects and pests.

2.Separate raw food and ready-to-eat food

✓ Store ready-to-eat foods at upper compartments to prevent it from being contaminated by the drippings of raw food.
✓ Use separate knives and cutting boards for raw foods (like raw meat) and ready.to-eat foods (like sashimi).
✓ Cover or wrap food properly to prevent cross contamination.

3.Cook food thoroughly

✓ Cook food thoroughly, especially meat, poultry, eggs and seafood.
✓ Reheat leftover food to 75`C or above before consumption and discard all leftovers if there is still food remained.
✓ Consume cooked food within two hours.

4.Keep food at safe temperatures

✓ Do not leave cooked food at room temperature for more than two hours.
✓ Keep cold dishes and perishable foods such as meat, milk and egg products in refrigerator at below 4’C
✓ Keep hot food in heating containers (above 60°C) prior to serving.
✓ Thaw frozen food under refrigeration.

5.Use safe water and raw materials

✓ Buy raw materials from reputable shops or licensed premises.
✓ Select fresh and wholesome foods.
✓ Use potable water to clean raw materials.
✓ Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly, especially if eaten raw.
✓ Do not use food beyond its expiry date.