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The Main Departments in Hotel Industry

As an outsider when you look at a hotel, the operation appears to be pretty simple, selling of rooms and your favourite food and beverage. But, actually, the hotel is a highly complex operation where several departments function and interact to create a home away from home.

Hotel as a functional unit comprises of several departments. The major departments of the hotel are as under:

1. Front Office: This department performs various functions like reservation, reception, registration, room assignment, and settlement of
bills of a resident guest.

2. Housekeeping: The housekeeping department is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic upkeep of rooms, public areas, back
areas, and surroundings in a hotel.

3. Food and Beverage Service: This department looks after the service of food and drinks to guests.

4. Kitchen or F&B Production: All the food and beverages that are served to the hotel guest is prepared in kitchen.

5. Engineering and Maintenance: It looks after the maintenance of all the equipment, furniture and fixture installed in a hotel.

6. Accounts: This department maintains all the financial transactions.

7. Security: The security department of a hotel is responsible for the overall security of the hotel building, in-house guests, visitors, day
users, and employees of the hotel, and also their belongings.

8. H R Department: Human Resource department is responsible for the acquisition, utilisation, training, and development of the human resources of the hotel.

9. Sales and Marketing: The responsibility of increasing the sales of the hotel’s products and services is the major task of the department.

10. Purchase and Store: The purchase department is responsible for procuring, storing and issuing the inventories for all departments of a hotel.