Lamb Navarin – Standard recipe

Navarin is a French stew made with lamb or mutton with vegetables.This is very much similar to the method and ingredients of Irish stew. The main difference between navarin and Irish stew is that, turnip is not used in Irish stew, but turnips (a vegetable) are the main ingredient in navarin.

Ingredients for 2 Portions

0.4KgsLamb medallion
0.05KgsBaby turnips cut to half
0.05KgsBaby carrots
0.05KgsPotatos diced
0.05KgsMushrooms diced
0.06KgsGarlic chopped
0.03KgsOnion chopped
0.01KgsBay leaf
0.06LitreRed wine
0.02KgsBlack pepper powder
0.125LitreLamb jus

Method :

  • Marinate the lamb with salt, pepper powder and salt.
  • Prepare the vegetables – carrots, onion, shallots, turnips and keep them for further use.
  • Grill the turnips,potatoes, mushrooms and keep them.
  • Boil the garlic with cold water and make a paste using little hot milk.
  • Saute the vegetables with butter for buttered vegetables by using butter only.Remove them and keep aside.
  • Sear the meat also in it & add half litre of water and garlic paste , then cook for 30 mins
  • Strain the stock and further reduce it to get a good jus. Add some thyme to it.
  • Monte’ the jus with butter.
  • Take little oil, butter, garlic, bay leaf, lamb medallion, red wine, stock , jus and leave it for stewing, along with the vegetables.(all ingredients)
  • Check the meat, when it is done, remove it and arrange it nicely on a plate and serve along with jus and garlic nage