What are the Main Objective of Menu planning?

A menu informs guests about available dishes and the prices charged for the whole menu or a particular dish. It enables them to select dishes of their choice.

  • It guides the chef regarding the requirement of staff, material and equipment to prepare the items included in the menu.
  • It enables the service personnel to do mise-en-place, take the correct order, pick up and serve the correct dishes from the kitchen according to the order, and so present the correct check to the guest.
  • It helps the cashier to price each item ordered by the guest and to prepare a sales summary of the outlet.
  • Menus have been labelled as working documents or blue prints, by which food service operations organised their food and beverages procurement, and service.
  • It helps the management to work out the cost of the food and beverage and analyse the utility of a particular menu, to predict trends and to plan future course of action for the outlet.
  • It creates and promotes an image of the restaurant in many social gatherings.
  • It identifies the theme of the establishment. This is especially important for restaurant that offers special cuisines.