Checklist when buying Kitchen Steam Equipment

  1. Start-up and application training. As training programs evolved and grew more extensive, need for more user-friendly installation and operation manuals. The company has to meet that need by incorporating more graphics photos, diagrams and nontechnical language into the resource materials, to make them easier for employees to follow.
  2. Warranty and technical support. Most important long-term commitments is to provide customers with a quality warranty, a parts-stocking service network, and knowledgeable service technicians.
  3. Quick-ship inventory. Not all users can afford to wait on special orders for equipment and created an “In-Stock” program designed to fill emergency quick-ship requests. It involved a multimillion-dollar inventory investment, to have the most popular models and styles of all its equipment in stock so they’ll always be available for shipment within 48 hours.
  4. Product training. The Supplier should have factory-based school that includes a three-day program of hands-on experience with all major equipment categories.
  5. Accessibility. Company is committed to being a company that’s “easy to find” and has extended its customer service function to 24 hours for emergency technical support. The company Website should allows customers to access complete operations manuals as PDF files. Spec sheets, CAD drawings, price lists, and performance data are also available online.
  6. Layout and design services. Up-to-date equipment specs and resource material. When there is a unique situation that requires special assistance, a team of engineers is available to make layout and equipment recommendations.