Juicy Tender Chicken Roast

Required Ingredients:

  • Whole Chicken with Skin (800g to 1000g Max)
  • Salt
  • Butter
  • Ice Cube

Stage 1:

  • Cut the wings from the chicken and keep in fridge (we will use it later.)
  • Take a Bowl add water and Salt (8 to 10 Teaspoon full) and mix well.
  • Immerse the chicken into this brine solution and keep it aside for 5 Hrs.
  • After 5 Hours take the chicken out and immerse in plain water for 1 hrs.

Stage 2:

  • Take a big vessel and boil water.
  • Take another bowl and put ice + cold water keep it aside.
  • Now take the chicken and dip in the boiling water for 30 to 40 Sec Maximum. After taking out from boiling water dip the chicken into the ice + cold water. (Repeat this step one more time this will kill any bacteria in outer skin and chicken cavity.)
  • Now take a kitchen tissue or clean cloth and wipe off any water from the chicken and make it dry.
  • Place the chicken on a pan cover it with clean thin cloth (breathable cloth) and keep inside refrigerator overnight (NOT in freezer).

Stage 3:

  • Next day take out the chicken and put inside Oven / Microwave oven.
  • Select the settings ‘Convection oven’ → Temp. 160 for 25 Min.
  • After 20 Min increase temp to 190 and keep for another 20 to 25 min.
  • Occasionally rotate the chicken as and when required.
  • While chicken is in the oven, take out the wings which we saved and chop it finely.
  • Take a vessel and put the chicken wings + butter (take more quantity of butter)
  • Fry till golden brown, this chicken infused butter can be used as a gravy or dipping for your roast chicken.

Stage 4 (Final):

  • Take a nonstick pan and put little infused butter and heat it.
  • Take the chicken from the over and place 1 minute each side of chicken on the hot pan.

PS: Only use the ‘Convection Oven’ & No freezer