Types Of Tourism / Tourists

1.Incentive tourism

Incentives tourists are those few lucky individuals, who get a holiday package as a reward from his company, for good work or achieving targets, set by the company. Incentive tourists draw
inspiration from such tours to work harder, improve work relations and focus on team bonding. A salesman who is awarded with a nice holiday package for accomplishing the target sales is a perfect example of incentive tourist.

2. Health or medical tourism

Those who seek special medical treatment, which is only possible away from home, make trips to other places and are called Health or medical tourist. Some of these tourists avail of medical assistance in other countries, for they may be expensive in their own country. Many health or medical tourists also make trips simply to stay for few days in a healthier climate. Hoards of medical tourists fly to South Africa from oversea countries to undergo plastic surgery.

3 Business tourism

Tourist travelling with relation to business is known as a business tourist. Business tourism is part of the business world. Most of the cities feature conference centers that cater to the needs of business tourists. A proper example of a business tourist is a salesman, who makes trips to different places to attend trade shows, to display and promote his own products also.

4. Education tourism

Tourists traveling to a particular place in another town, city or country for further study in order to improve his or her educational qualification are termed as education tourists. There is also a group of people, who travel to attend workshops to upgrade skills. A clinic nurse, who makes a trip to another province to attend a particular workshop, qualifying individual about infectious diseases is an example of an educational tour.

5.Adventure tourism

Adventure tourists look for some unusual or bizarre experience. They seek adventurous activities that may be dangerous, such as rock climbing, river rafting, skydiving, shark cave diving, and bungee jumping.

6.Cultural tourism

These types of tourists travel to experience the essence of assorted cultures, such as San rock
art, or cultural festivals such as the National Art Festival in Grahams town, or the International
Jazz Festival in Cape Town. Cultural tourists also prefer to witness the World Heritage Sites of the travelled country.


Nature-loving tourists, who love to go green like travelling to Bonita Gardens in Bloemfontein South Africa or similar destinations are called eco-tourists. They travel throughout the world in search of destinations not affected by pollution or much human intervention.

8.Leisure tourism

These tourists want to rejuvenate and revitalize with comfort, while enjoying a break from the mundane routine of life. Examples of this type of tourism are cruising while vacationing or simply relaxing on a beach.

9. Religious tourism

Religious tourists travel to sites of religious significance. The world is dotted with a number of religious locations like Hajj in Mecca, Jerusalem in Israel, Varanasi in India, and the Vatican in Rome. During Easter, a huge conglomeration of Christian pilgrimage takes place in Zion City.

10.Sport and recreation tourism

These sorts of tourists either take an active part in or just watch sports events. Some of such popular sports events are the Soccer World Cup, Wimbledon Tennis Championship, Comrades
Marathon, and Fisher River Canoe Marathon.

11.Backpacking or youth tourism

This group of tourists is of young age and they travel with minimum luggage and on a limited budget. But they are very passionate and love excitements and adventures while travelling. They generally have no specific travel schedules and tend to travel independently.

12. Special Interest Tourism

Special interest
They nurture a particular passion in different things like bird watching, nature, fishing during the Sardine Run, food and wine, or attending the international Book Fair or Motor Fair.