Why the front office is important?

Why the front office department is an important part of the hotel?

The first impression is the best impression – well begun is half done, hope these proverbs explain the importance of the front office in a hotel.

@tanya1 :clap:t2: :clap:t2: The front office staff receives the guest and that’s the first impression for the guest about the hotel.
The guest who comes inside the hotel should feel, he has made the right choice by choosing your hotel with the warmth of welcome.

Well begun is half done – well said – The way a guest is received, welcomed, and accommodated when he arrives, makes a great impact on his/her entire stay.

The front office is the nerve center of the hotel , front office co-ordinates with all departments.
Any problems or issues with a guest, the first call comes to reception, front office staff should be capable of handling guest complaints and should have good problem-solving skills.

@Queen95 The front office is the face of a hotel. They are the first people to be in direct contact with a guest on arrival and also to give a ‘see off’ on departure.
Front office staffs explain the details of the property for his/her stay and also they take the feedback of the guest on departure.
The feedback of guests gives us an opportunity to improve the service.

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The front office has a concierge, travel desk, etc. to help and support the guest for their stay. Especially the guest on a leisure trip definitely needs some guidance. The front office provides all details and arrangements for them.

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