Why the front office department is considered as the face of a hotel?

Why the front office is considered as the face of a hotel?

The front office is the first department that interacts with a guest. The first impression is the best impression. The image created by the front office staff showcases the quality and standard of the property to a new guest.

A front office personnel should be confident, warm, polite, patient, and sincere to deal with the queries of guests.

Anyone who enters a hotel will first meet the person at the reception. He/she doesn’t interact with any other department initially.
Whether for staying or any purpose – maybe just an inquiry about rooms and facilities. Maybe a walk-in guest, in any case, the first point of contact in the front office, by which the guest will evaluate the hotel initially.
The staff of a hotel represents the property.
Unknowingly the culture of the property and attitude of staff is reflected on every employee’s face and the guest first sees and interacts with the front office staff.
I remember the words – ‘your face says about your health’ – the front office behavior passively talks about the organization.