Why is wine service important to restaurants?

Why is wine service so important in restaurants? why there is a special service person to serve wine?

In 2018, wine consumption worldwide was estimated to amount to 244 million hectoliters, down from 246 million hectoliters in 2017.
Wine is the best drink for a great dining experience and it consumed worldwide. The right choice of wine is like choosing your right partner.
If you buy your own wine, you have to be happy with yourself. When you dine in at a restaurant, you enquire about wines and you make the right decision. The whole experience of your evening is decided on your choice. Maybe this is a special occasion, where u have chosen the wine for someone special. The experience makes it memorable, and so do the wine and food in restaurants.

Unless beer or other liquor, wine is not produced by collecting raw materials from different places.
Wine is produced and bottled in the same wine yard. The quality of wine depends on the type of grape, the soil, weather, maturity of the grape, percentage of tan, etc. So the final product ‘ wine’ is a result of many factors involved in its production.
Wine is fermented grape juice and so people prefer wine to other alcohol which is distilled with many grains or cereals.
The knowledge about wine is very important to explain to a guest. Only a professional with experience and knowledge can explain it in detail.

Yes, wine is natural alcohol with fermentation, the taste differs for the same grape cultivated in different places (different soil).
Even the same grape variety used in the same soil can have differences in taste in different years of production, this may be due to climatic difference.
Only an experienced sommelier can explain the sweet, strength, sour, bitterness, etc. and which wine is better to go with the food you choose.
That’s why wine service is very important in restaurants. A wrong wine can spoil the experience of your meal.