Why housekeeping is important?

Can someone explain why housekeeping is important in hotel operations?

Without the major departments - the hotel cannot function – the basic departments to run a hotel are housekeeping, front office, kitchen & food and beverage.
Guest rooms and public areas are cleaned by housekeeping that’s why it’s an important department.

Housekeeping is the backbone of a hotel.
Housekeeping keeps the hotel and premises neat and clean at all times.
Imagine a hotel that doesn’t have housekeeping?

Housekeeping maintains the cleanliness of a hotel at all times. There is a proper system to be followed internationally and each company having its own policy and procedures to keep the hotels clean at all times.

Service & guest experience is what makes the difference between hotel brands in this competitive world.

Guests prefer to stay in a safe secure hotel is history now. In the present world, guests are coming to the hotel for the experience. So hotels do sell experience these days.

An exceptional neat clean environment is very important to sell the experience and housekeeping is the only department that handles the entire cleaning of the property and ensures each and everything is seen and touched in the hotel is hygienic.

Thanks for the replies @george_t_j Exactly …. Nowadays it so confusing to choose which is better