Why housekeeping is backbone of the hotel?

We all know that the front office department is called the ‘Nerve Centre’ of the hotel.
What are the reasons why we hoteliers refer that housekeeping in the backbone of the hotel operations?

Housekeeping provides a clean, comfortable and safe environment at the highest standard in a hotel.
The room is the product we sell in a hotel. A room can be sold only when housekeeping has released as - clean and vacant. The entire visible area must be clean to welcome guests.
This is the main reason why housekeeping is considered as the backbone of a hotel.

Housekeeping plays a very important role in maintaining the hotel’s standard –HK is responsible for the cleanliness & aesthetic upkeep of the rooms.

Housekeeping is the backbone of a hotel can be rephrased as ‘cleanliness is the backbone of a hotel’

Hotels operate 24 x 7 x 365 , as far as a hotel is concerned, maintaining cleanliness at all times is the biggest task. The public area should be clean at any given point of time and the hotel rooms should be ready for sale as soon as a guest checks out.

Hotel business can run only with efficient housekeeping. Efficient HK impacts on getting repeat guests and word of mouth popularity and also online reviews.