Why Hotel Training Falls Short?

As a Hotelier with many years of experience working in many of the top international 5 star chains I wanted input from individuals whose specialty is HR and training.

Hotel companies spend a large amount of time, effort and money on training their employees but I feel they fall short. I have always felt the accountability and follow up isn’t there. For example, and I am not trying to sound like the typical chef who is against the front of the house, but I have seen restaurant servers tested and held accountable for their food and wine knowledge only once in many years!

Overall I feel it is the smaller standards that get neglected like uniform standards. If an employee is wearing a stained shirt that is a big, noticeable thing but if they wear the wrong coloured belt or socks, it is often let go.

Managers often feel they can’t document an employee for the smaller things (as I used to feel) such as the wrong color socks or putting parsley on the plate wrong. Of course, with any shortcoming a manager has to handle it properly, address it verbally and give the employee the chance to improve it you won’t treat an employee who is wearing the wrong color socks the same way you would treat an employee who brings drugs to work.

The point is, standards are standards and I know when I was a younger manager, I didn’t know how to properly hold people accountable; it took me working in a nightmare of a chain hotel in to learn how to do that.

To be in a positive note, I didn’t write this because I have a problem with hotels. If it weren’t for hotels I wouldn’t be the professional I am. I just feel we are dropping the ball. We go to the extent to train our staff but standards still lack.

How do you all feel about that? Awaiting your comments.

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i am in the same situation as HR in a certan Hotel! help plz

I think it depends upon the hotel you are working. If the management has good training programs for new joins as well as regular refresher training for existing staffs then to an extent the standards can be maintained without any issues.

So I feel it depends upon each hotels or individuals.

In most cases training can or is sustainable if and if only employee are trained on the standard(s.o.p) required of them during a recruitment process in all aspects of the operations (Front and back of the house).Additional Training should also be a continuous process by that i mean on the job training: this is the only way staff can get things right.


I concur, it really depends on the hotel.

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