Why food and beverage service operation is important in the Hotel industry?

Why f&b service is important in the Hotel industry?

There are 2 major revenue-generating departments in a hotel.
1.Front office – accommodation
2. F&B service
Guests come to a hotel, either for one of the above or both reasons, so it’s important to make the guest happy for repeated business.

A guest evaluates a hotel not only by its cleanliness but also the food and service of the property.
If the food & beverage (service/production) is not good, then the in-house guest will eat outside, and also there won’t be any walk-in guests, which means – loss of revenue.

There is a huge competition in service.
Nowadays service is everything, guests want quality service. If you have to survive in the industry, better provide quality service – especially F&B.

I remember an in-house guest who came for dining with his friend(who stayed in another hotel). The friend liked the food and service of our restaurant. On his next visit to the town, he booked a room with us because of our food and service. He used to stay, yearly 3 or 4 times.

They lost – we gained :yum::muscle:t2: