Why chef wear a white coat?

Why chef wear a white coat?

To identify dirt quickly.
White is the symbol of hygiene and peace, to maintain hygiene white is the best.

A kitchen is a place where food is prepared, so it should be neat and clean at all times.
By law from the government and also by company policy and international culinary standards, the kitchen should follow certain rules and regulations. Hygiene is the top priority in that.

To make sure kitchen staffs are clean, white is the best. If it is another color, it’s difficult to identify the dirt.

2nd reason is that, a clean uniform of the chef gives a great impression for the guests who dine in a restaurant, that the kitchen is clean and food is handled hygienically – it’s human psychology.

The color white was perceived as the most hygienic of colors, which helped to portray a sense of cleanliness in the kitchen.