Why are hotel pillows so comfortable?

Hi all,
Am not a hotelier, just have a question - I always felt hotel pillows are very comfy where ever I stayed, I mean like star hotels. Do you guys replace used pillows very frequently? Or is there any method or technique/machine to make the pillow fresh always?
I asked once to buy the pillow from a hotel, but they said they don’t have extra to sell… haha, please advise what brand to buy and where to buy from … if its custom made for hotels. Thanks in advance.

Dear Abdul,
Its good to hear that u love hotel pillows. As you said, we do have special suppliers for all products, especially for star / branded hotels. Some branded hotels even provide a pillow menu to choose from.
The most commonly used hotel pillow types are mentioned below
3.Memory foam
5.Synthetic fill
6.Regular form

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Thanks for the info @ANN_SANJU. Can u advise a brand if you don’t mind?

@Abdul Sir, you may please go for good quality – ‘white goose down pillow’ – this is the most commonly used pillow type in star hotels.
Brand – you may speak to the related shop vendor to find out a better brand available in the market [image]

Thanks @mohammed. really appreciated.
Definitely I will look for :+1:t2: