Whole Wheat Crepes with Spinach & Feta

Dish Name : Whole Wheat Crepes with Spinach & Feta

Crepe is a thin pancake, which has originated from France. Crepes are differentiated with the filling used - sweet crepes or savoury crepes/galette. Savoury crepes are consumed either for lunch or dinner and can also be a part of brunch. Here we explain a kind of vegetarian savoury crepe recipe.

Ingredients for 10 Portions

Qty Unit Description
Crepes :
0.240 Kg Whole wheat flour
0.240 Litre Milk
0.010 Kg Salt
0.100 Kg Refined flour
5.000 Nos Eggs
0.200 Kg Butter
Filling / Stuffing :
0.030 Litre Olive oil
2.000 Kg Spinach - chopped
0.350 Kg Feta cheese
0.100 Kg Sundried tomatoes
0.050 Kg Pinenuts
0.100 Kg Onion - chopped
0.020 Kg Garlic - chopped
0.006 Kg Black pepper - crushed
0.300 Litre Cream
Topping & Garnish :
0.050 Kg Basil - chopped
0.100 Kg Parmesan - grated


  • Make a thin batter with all the crepe ingredients and keep for 30 mins.
  • For stuffing - sprinkle some olive oil to a pan, add the ingredients one by one to the greased pan …
  • Garlic, onion, spinach, cream, black pepper, salt, pine nuts
  • Saute till water evaporates. Add chopped sundried tomato. When the mixture gets cooled, add feta cheese
  • Cook crepe on a crepe griddle and spread the stuffing mixture on half portion.
  • Top the stuffing with a little of basil and Parmesan cheese. Flip the other half to make it half-moon.
  • This can be cut and served on a plate or rolled and placed in a crepe holder & serve.