Whisky Sauce - Standard Recipe

Dish Name : Whisky Sauce

Whisky sauce is a sauce in Scottish cooking, which has become popular globally. It is created by mixing an amount of whisky and double cream with sauteed onion/ shallots. It is then set alight, in order to make sure that the sauce is not too bitter. The sauce is mainly used in the main course and also in some desserts. Eg. steaks, whisky chicken, bread puddings etc.

Ingredients for 500 ml

Qty Unit Description
0.3 Kg Onion
0.005 Kg Thyme
0.02 Kg Green peppercorn
0.02 Litre Oil
0.03 Kg Butter
0.2 Litre Whisky
0.2 Litre Red wine
0.2 Litre Cream
0.3 Litre Beef stock


  • Heat oil and saute chopped onions, thyme & green peppercorn.
  • Add beef stock, whisky, red wine and reduce to half.
  • Remove from the fire and blend in cream and cold chilled butter.