Which is better Departure letter VS Departure calls to guest rooms?

Dear Hoteliers,

Please share your opinion about mentioned subject. from my point of view departure letter create a professional image of an organisation and helps us to maintain the guest privacy. what do you say?

@george222 in your hotel what is the purpose of the departure letter / call?

Do you want to send a copy of the bill to the guest the night before checkout so they can review their account?


Are you talking about guests who are due out and have not checked out after the scheduled hotel departure time?

Departure letter attached with last invoice is much better, so the guest will have information about his finance situation with reminder for his check out date/time.

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Departure letter along with the guest account / bill and credit card auth form who wish to have an express check out…phone call to ask the time of departure for the following day…that the same quality of service… see the case and you belong to decide which one better

Departure Letter is always better and also avoid printed departure letter instead send a personalised departure letter by email.

Here is departure letter sample format: