What is the role of web portal in the hospitality industry?

Can someone please explain what is the role of web portal in the Hospitality Industry?


Web portal is a website or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as search engines, e-mail lists, forums for a number of content providers who usually are located elsewhere and maintained by other parties.

In hospitality management the main objective is to serve potential or actual visitors who want to access hotel websites in order to satisfy their information needs. Portals vary according to their users and services:

  • Public portals are generally available and bring together information from various sources (e.g. Yahoo).

  • Enterprise portals give employees access to organization- specific information and applications.

  • Marketplace portals are trading platforms that connect sellers and buyers.

In addition to fulfilling customers’ actual needs, portals provide a platform for hospitality managers and other tourism organizations to bundle information from their websites in order to allow joint marketing initiatives.

Hotel websites available in portals become more visible on the Internet and benefit from complementing their offer with additional services of other providers. Portals also open opportunities to gain valuable insights into the consumer’s decision-making process by tracking the users’ information needs.

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