What is the hotel kitchen?

What is the hotel kitchen?

A hotel kitchen is a complex entity that involves many tasks and management responsibilities in order to operate effectively. Depending on the size of the hotel kitchen, you may be responsible for creating meals for hundreds of guests.

The Hotel kitchen is the heart of the food service operation in a hotel. Food both raw and cooked is stored, prepared and plated for service. The hotel kitchen is designed for the food service operation of the hotel and is designed according to the menu and its requirement.

Kitchen inside the hotel is called a hotel kitchen.
A restaurant kitchen is also similar to hotel kitchen - (free-standing restaurants)

Usually, hotels have coffeeshop, banquets, speciality restaurants, bakery etc. - different food service areas/restaurants.So hotels have different speciality kitchen for each requirement/outlet.
Usually, the main kitchen produces food for banquets only and in smaller hotels, they do prepare food for the coffee shop also whereas, in big hotels, coffee shop has a separate kitchen which operates round the clock.

Freestanding standing restaurants usually have all in one kitchen - if it’s a multi cuisine restaurant, which is similar to the hotel’s main kitchen. If the free-standing restaurant is an authentic specialty one, then the kitchen will be similar to the hotel’s specialty kitchen.

Basically, the hotel kitchen means - a commercial kitchen caters food for the public with many staffs and a menu.