What is the food and beverage service all about?

What is food and beverage service?

The process of preparing, presenting, and serving of food and beverages to the customers is what food and beverage is all about.

@THOMAS_K_A It’s about the experience of dining
Different food, different culture, different tastes etc.

Food is not just a – ‘basic need’ anymore, its an ‘experience’.
Food from different countries – Japanese, Italian, Indian, Chinese etc.
Beverage from different countries – Scotch, Bourbon, Japanese etc.

Eat with hand, fork, chopsticks
Drinks served in a different glass – beer, whisky, wine etc.

There is a way to prepare and serve each food and beverage. knowing how to serve each food and beverage is very important.

F& B service is about serving various cuisines/beverages to people depending on the occasion and requirement of customers

Eg. Fine dining restaurant, casual dining, banquet buffet, take away etc.