Who uses it?
Where do we use it for?
When do we use it?
How to use it?
What is the reason why it is used?

Do you mean pseudo room, its used in many places, its not a room that really exists, its more like a room class which usually have abnormal room number, like 99999,66666..., its used to configure the system, to exchange information, to balance revenue for audit purpose.it`s used by Front Desk, Housekeeping and Finance Department to reserve rooms, checking out special guests, block out rooms, etc…

It should be only used for accounting/audit purpose (even in some hotels, its not, thats not proper). to your question:

  1. Those staff that need to perform reception, cashier, or audit duty. (this really depends on the hotel`s financial control p&p)
    2 & 3) when you handle advanced payment or later charge, you need a pseudo room,
  2. You know how to handle advanced payment or late checking out; you know how to use phantom room, very simple, like posting threads in right forum category. 5. without this you cannot have a proper finance record and report.
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