What Are The Best Buffet Rotation Practices/Tips?

Anybody want to share/swap their buffet rotation ideas? please post your ideas or best practices here common benefit of other Chefs :slight_smile:

Great Inspiration can come from anywhere!

Mmmm, that’s a pretty broad topic. Breakfast, lunch or dinner…budgets, themes, location, manpower, skill levels, clientele, etc…there are many factors into determining a buffet rotation schedule. No repetition during the week, but be able to use some similar ingredients here and there, but disguise them well!

What I did years ago when I had to put out 2 different buffets every day for lunch, and again for dinner: Was kind of basic, crazy stuff. I made little cards with 14 meat dishes, 14 fish/seafood dishes, 14 vegetable dishes, and so on for beans/grains, pasta, vegetarian, chocolate, fruit, diet/light. Put them all in a big bowl, and the day before the buffet went out, pulled with my sous chef the cards, and there was our buffet menu.

Sometimes we cheated a bit if we were very busy. Also, we just started to copy dishes from Bocuse (the buffet was always French-inspired food) Hope this helps a bit :grinning:

@Pro_hotelier @tin1982 thanks for your suggestions.

I think its not about rotation its about food quality and the budget you have and the staff as well . Okay you need different fruits and vegetables different meat wild sea etc. different organic etc, then you start implement what you want its art and availability my dear / were is your place .

Check how much your buffet rate etc. you need to have a smart chef in your kitchen who is cooking for the buffet garde manger and hot kitchen then you start create the moon over your place simple and great looking dishes as we always say same designer cloths funky simple classic fashionable etc. remember the food will sit on the buffet long time so need small quantity and many time check and refresh.

Do you have a example a ice crushed mountain on your buffet for salad do you have live grille char or hot stone hot lights cutting tables all this play a role on your buffet .then you can change daily up to what you have in hand to create best of luck you got to have a gun and eyes and confident to go for hunting chef other wise don’t change . have fun and good luck

To add what I put earlier I must say this. Whenever I do buffets I try to use as little chafing dishes as possible and do more live stations. This of course takes more people and labor. If you can afford it great, if not that is different.

Also, if you are not doing a large buffet, what I used to do instead of using chafing dishes was put a large copper pot on a rechaud. It is smaller than a chafing dish, prettier and with smaller dishes there is more rotation.