What are the advantages of using Drawstring bed sheets?

Hello Fellow Hoteliers,

What is your opinion on using drawstring sheets in guest rooms? Any advantages or disadvantages using them?

Thanks in advance

The main advantage is you can have smooth flat sheets ALL THE TIME!
No more sheets half off the bed or need to redo the sheets every day. You can say good-bye to wrinkled, baggy sheets!

But not sure if this type of sheets will be a fit for Hotel industry where the sheets are changed daily for short stay guests and when not so easy to maintain like while washing and ironing etc.

I think this type of sheets are primarily meant for home use and may be good for Hospitals.

The best way to speed up room turn over by housemaids is by using drawstring sheets. They stay put so there is a minimum amount of tightening between stripping the bed. They are also much more comfortable for the guest as they are virtually wrinkle free and flat and smooth.

They are also very easy to apply without the need to lift the mattress if you are using large flat sheets. On the other hand the feedback from the staff is they are much happier using drawstring sheets.