Welcome to Hotel Talk

HotelTalk app is for passionate Hoteliers, Hotel Management Students, Hotel Vendors & Suppliers etc. Discuss anything related to the Hotel’s Operations and Management here.

1) Who is it for?

For all Hotel Professionals, Hotel Students, Hospitality Vendors, Hotel Tech Suppliers, Hotel Consultants etc.

2) Why should you join the hotelier community ‘HotelTalk’?

  • Get answers to your questions, connect with the fellow hotelier, hotel industry experts, vendors and suppliers etc.
  • Be a voice of the industry, help other hoteliers or hosts to develop standards and best practices.
  • Build relationships with top industry experts.
  • Carrier Advice and much more.

3) How to Install the HotelTalk App?

It’s super simple, just visit the App site https://hoteltalk.app on your mobile and it will prompt to add the shortcut to your home screen.

You can signup FREE using Google, Facebook, Twitter or Email.

4) Who is behind hoteltalk.app?

HotelTalk App is proudly presented to you by setupmyhotel.com

5) Any Questions?

Please post it here Site Feedback we would be happy to answer.

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