Time to clean room

Good afternoon,
How long do you count for cleaning a room? I find 30 minutes very short to get good quality cleaning?
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Hi @CarmenH I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule that a room must be cleaned within 30 minutes etc. it depends upon a lot of factors like the size or the room, facilities, service standard, amenities etc.

What I recommend is to find the sweet spot for the room cleaning time with one of your best room attendant. The most effective room cleaning should follow a logical progression from actually entering the guest room to the final check and departure.

Have you prepared a task list for the room attendants already? this would be a reference to make sure all required cleaning task is completed by the attendant and note down the time taken.

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Dear Cottagehumble,

Thank you again!

I actually need to assess cost for a project feasibility study, I think I will take an average for now and yes I will definitely work on establishing a task list.

@CarmenH here is a sample task list for room attendants.

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