Theft and stealing incident

what are your guidelines or SOP regarding theft or stealing incident in a shared room in a hotel? thank you

@Jepoi_Hipolito when it comes to sharing rooms like dormitory the liability of the guests valuables should be with them only. As I suppose you already provide the locker facility? Moreover this is the case with any guest rooms as they sign the registration card these terms and conditions are signed.

Also, as its a sharing room the one who stollen could be either a hotel staff or the other guest. So unless there is a solid evidence there is nothing much you could do here.

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Here is policy for Theft by Guest or Staff in the hotel


Thank you @tin1982 for your reply sir., but what can we do or what you usually do for those guests even we know that its their responsibility to take care of their stuff? how do you handle them and what do you offer to them if there’s an incidence like this that we can’t tell when its gonna happen.

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@Jepoi_Hipolito well, the bottom line here is theft is a crime so the guest has all his rights to make an official police report in the first place. Below are some points which as the hotel management could do to assist guest in this case;

  1. Check the guest room key card access control for the room and find out who all opened or accessed this room during the day of the incident. (Only possible if you have electronic guest room lock or key card, RFID card etc.)
  2. If there is CCTV installed in the guest room/floor corridor then review the same and try to find out if you can identify any forced entry to the room or the list of the person entered the room.
  3. Based on the above your security manager could interrogate either the staff or accompanying guest.
  4. If your policy has a fixed compensation for lost items normally not more than the room rate paid by the guest you good refund the same.
  5. If loss/theft happened due to staff negligence then the hotel might have to compensate to the guest accordingly.

To summarise the hotel security team or manager should do a primary investigation and discuss with the GM or HOD’s and take appropriate resolution with high priority, because each such incidents are different so there couldn’t not be any fixed resolutions in such cases.