Suggestions For Evening Turndown Amenities

Hi Colleagues!

Please share your experience and ideas, what could be the best small compliments placed to the guest room during evening turndown procedure?

Usually we placed a small piece of local chocolate (2 if double occ), but my management wanted to have more (I mean change them through the guest stay)

What I am thinking is:

  1. Aroma kits (sleeping).
  2. Hand or feet lotion in small pack/bottle.
  3. Refreshment towels.
  4. Local Chocolate.

Please share your suggestions.


Find below some of my suggestions for evening turndown amenities.

  • Fill the ice container with ice cubes
  • Place the breakfast menu card on the folder quilt at an angle.
  • Place the GSTS card in case the guest is set to departure the next date.
  • Please foot mat along with a pair of slippers.
  • Miniature Wine bottle along with wine glass.
  • In house made Chocolate box.
  • Weather forecast card for the next day (tomorrow)!
  • Wake-up call request process or slip.
  • Breakfast menu card.
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What about these suggestions for a nice turndown experience :slight_smile:

  • Mini books or Short Story books
  • Inch-long dolls are made of wool
  • Miniature liquor bottle
  • Hand Written thank you notes or good night notes
  • Miniature perfume or Eau de cologne bottle.
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