Stress is a funny thing Looking for some advice

Stress is a funny thing Looking for some advice

Although, I believe this may turn out to be more of a “what would you do in this situation?” type of post and rant…

I am currently working as a Front Desk Manager at a hotel in a small city in Northern Canada. We by no means, are as sophisticated or well-aligned as other corporations/organizations; in the means that we do not have a dining room, concierge, etc. I have been working at this specific hotel for 1 year now, and initially was hired as a housekeeper/front desk agent; when I found out the FDM position opened up; I applied internally and in June I received the good news (that’s what it was at the time, anyway.)

I have grown up in the Hospitality/Tourism field, as my father is a Professor of Culinary Arts and Hospitality and Tourism - so it’s in my veins… My Boss, is my age - has next-to-no experience in this industry, lacks the “people skills” and management skills that one should possess in such a position… the problem is; he is now the General Manager. I would talk to / express my feelings to him, but the lack of caring and compassion is evident… so I do not speak, I do not do anything other than what a front-desk agent would do, because when I try to be “the front desk manager,” I get in trouble. I am told by him to be more ‘mean’ to people - guests, employees, prospective guests and employees; as it’s perceived as a sign of weakness when you’re nice… I hope I’m not the only person who has misunderstood the meaning of Customer Service.

There have been many situations and occurrences in the past few months which have made me wonder about my choice in life … as I am so far North, I had to commit to this job; unfortunately, my mind is going in another direction. I do not know who I can talk to about the problems as I would like some expertise behind the assistance. i.e. I would like people who have worked in the industry and know, to talk with me or to help me.

There are a LOT of other things going on, but from what I’ve written; can anyone provide some suggestions/ideas?

Thank-You and sorry I’ve babbled on… stress is a funny thing.