Stollen-Standard Recipe

Dish Name: Stollen
Meal Period: Lunch/Dinner
Ingredients for 6800 gms dough

Qty Unit Description
1.7 KG sultanas
0.375 KG Candied orange peel
0.375 KG Candied lemon peel
0.375 KG nibbed almonds
0.19 KG rum
0.7 KG yeast
0.5 LITRE milk
1 KG Flour
0.3 KG sugar
1 KG butter
0.3 KG marzipan
0.03 KG salt
0.02 KG lemon zest
0.001 KG cardamom powder
0.001 KG mace powder
0.001 KG vanilla pod


  • Mix all the ingredients in the dough mixer except the butter and marzipan
  • Knead the dough for 5 minutes on slow speed or until the gluten has formed.
  • Add 100 gms of softened butter and knead again till a smooth dough is obtained
  • Keep the dough for proofing, knockback and rest again
  • Scale a dough and shape the stollen Roll out the dough to 8-inch diameter with thick in the center and thin on the edges
  • Put a rolled piece of marzipan and fold over to form a half-moon shape. Keep on a tray for proofing
  • Bake at 200ยบ C for 40 min.
  • When it is hot brush dip the strudel into melted butter strong text