Steps to Change a Tablecloth

Steps to Change a Tablecloth

  • Remove all glasses and dIshware front the table.

  • Place standard accessories, such as candles, on a tray, not a chair.

  • Fold the soiled cloth back about one fourth of its length.

  • Fold it onto the table, but do not show any of the surface underneath.

  • Place the clean tablecloth over the folded portion of the soiled cloth.

  • With the seam down, drop the end of the new cloth so that it is opened one fold and hangs over the end of the table.

  • Using both hands, hold the two corners of both the clean and soiled cloths. Pull them toward the end of the table.

  • When you reach the other end of the table, let go of the cloth corners.

  • Grasp the hanging corners of the soiled cloth and bring them to the other corners of the folded cloth.

  • Neatly fold the soiled cloth again, making sure the trapped crumbs do not fall onto the floor.

  • Hold an corners and drop the top edge of the new cloth over the table. Do not let go of the corners of the soiled cloth.

  • Place the cloth on the tray.

  • Before placing the soiled linen in a linen bag, empty the crumbs in a lined trash can in the back of the food service operation.